Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm going to...


So I've actually had my call for a while, but I've been a tad bit busy to update this... and by busy I mean lazy. I had some big plans that I was quitting my job at the end of December and then taking the long way home and then spending whatever time I had left enjoying living off ( I mean with) my parents again. You know get used to being spoiled and close to family before I'm off by myself for a year and a half. So until the 17th of March, I'm in Burlington and loving every minute of it so far. I'm planning on subbing up at the school when I can, so don't be too worried about me becoming too used to being unemployed and sleeping in... HOWEVER, only having worked one day so far in the last few weeks, I am looking forward to hopefully some job in the future that resembles unemployment but with pay and benefits somehow included. When someone figures that one out, let me know! So here are some pictures of my little trip home and some of the awesome people I ran into :)

A street with my name... in Vegas!

My UPX training buddy Shay

Me, Preston and Hailey, my cousin Julie's super cute kids

Me and my buddy Shane after the BYU game

My favorite cousin KIM!!!

Joshy, Britt and I playing black-light mini golf

Happy bday to me!

Wildlife in Yellowstone

Cheri's family, also in Yellowstone

A physical sign to help you know you're getting closer to home :)

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